As with all broken-up bands, there is no doubt that God Forbid will reunite at some point. The only questions, really, are “When will that happen?” and “Will Dallas Coyle or Matt Wicklund be their second guitarist?”.

Obviously, we can’t answer either of those questions at this point… although I’d think the answer to the first question would be, “Not yet.” For one thing, the band only split up six years ago, which in broken-up band years is like a few months. My guess is we’re still five-ten years away from the metalcore revival; fans of the genre are still too young and unaware of their own impending deaths to be nostalgic for Ozzfest 2004 already. And for another thing, Bad Wolves are currently killing it, so, clearly, guitarist Doc Coyle is incentivized to put all of his focus there.

Still, the BREWtally Speaking Podcast recently asked Doc about the possibility of a God Forbid reunion. Doc is far too polite of a dude to be all “Are you unaware of how well Bad Wolves are doing right now?”, but he did express “low confidence in how many give a shit,” asserting that “No one’s really knocking down our door” and begging for a reunion right now.

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